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At APX Construction, we’re here to build your next office space, warehouse, or gymnasium. Whatever the structure is, APX has your back, and whether you’re looking for a designer or builder, we do it all, and we’re here to provide you with world-class service every step of the way.

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our core capabilities:

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  • 总承包服务
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Construction to Fit Your Needs

One of the advantages of choosing PEMB structures is that they go up fast. After the initial design and engineering phase, our team can fabricate the main parts of the structure and ship them to the building site. From that point, you’ll watch the building go up quickly, and you’ll be able to enjoy the new space in no time.

who we serve

Community + Nonprofit
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Government + Civil
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工业上rial + Warehouse
Office + Retail
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our process

step 1

discovery session

We want to hear everything there is to know about your project. This is where we start the planning and development. As well as work through land procurement, financing, permitting, and more.
step 2


This is where the fun begins! We create a design and layout for your project, in combination with 3D modeling to give you a realistic view of your finished project.
step 3


APX captures subcontractor quotes from a network of over 2,000 subcontractors. Your project team then reviews and qualifies all bids while considering manpower, scheduling and craftsmanship.
step 4

kick-off project

The project team presents bids in an open book, transparent presentation. APX will then execute a contract to get your project started. Let's build something awesome!

Proudly Serving the Mankato and Sioux Falls Areas

188金宝搏app官网下载安卓版最新下载APX型的社区建设是嵌入Mankato and the surrounding areas. With a proven record of excellence in the industry, business owners choose us for our world-class pre-engineered metal building and unbeatable level of care.

A Local Company You Can Trust

Commercial construction is expensive and can take years to get a project from start to finish—especially projects that require funding and finding a lot for the new construction site. Working with a contractor that you can trust throughout the project will make all the difference. We’ll be there to make sure that you get only the best out of your new building.

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